Cop Out

Bruce Willis is a total nut in Cop Out a combination of action and comedy, that should be able to keep you entertained. The story does »


This is a sad movie about a guy who goes off to war and ends up doing something that changes him forever. His brother and him »

The Hurt Locker

Motherless! Hurt Locker is one insane movie. It starts off with some action and it has some really heart wrenching scenes too. This movie get's you »

Pelham 123

The third time, recreation of the film, based on the novel by Morton Freedgood writing as "John Godey", Pelham 123 has got some excitement, but is »


Duplicity, was most definitely misleading and not exactly what we expected, but was not a total disaster either. Duplicity, is funny and actually border lining hilarious »


Amelia and I decided to do a big day in at the office. We spent most of the morning and afternoon working and then decided to »


Gamer shows what the world can become when run by a bunch of sick and twisted individuals and on the other hand, Gamer draws a contrast »