Max Payne

Looking at the cover of Max Payne or watching the trailer for that matter, one gets the impression of being taken on a thrilling, super natural ride, with demons, monsters and some real mean stuff.

I'm almost sorry to say that Max Payne was not exactly what we had expected. The movie had the odd surprising twist and was not incisively boring either, but it wasn't all the trailer had made it out to be.

After the movie starts, it feels as if everything happens so quickly and then it is over. When watching it for the second time, the movie seemed to start and end, which is not really the way I like it, I prefer to feel totally lost while watching a movie and lose all track of time and sometimes reality.

Some of the scenes are a bit stupid and Max doesn't exactly lead by example. Seriously when you live is such a dodgy area, you don't let people walk home on their own, especially if they're high and you're a cop.

I think the obvious and ridiculous stupidity of some of the scenes echoes the realness of what we are all subject to at some time or another, when faced with people who can't think for themselves.

The movie has got some good action and exciting scenes and you could easily find yourself, wanting to scream kill or shoot.

If you're battling to choose what movie to rent and it is in, take it.