I'm not always one for movies set in the past, but Valkyrie caught my attention the moment I saw the trailer and I can always do with some cloak and dagger.

Having seen a few movies based on World War II and being somewhat familiar with some of the history surrounding the demise of Adolf Hitler, I started watching the movie with a certain sense of expectation that Valkyrie would not end the way we all wanted it too.

Valkyrie tells the exciting story of a group of brave German people, fighting for what was right and for the sake of Germany, aswell their willingness to sacrifice themselves for the greater good.

If their plan went the way it was supposed to, or if they simply used more explosives, the actions of these people would have changed the face of history as we know it, and many lives would have been saved.

Although Valkyrie does not end the way we would like it too, it is a good movie and has some really intense scenes, some funny ones and is most probably worth watching twice.