Pay for good contracts and use them

My team was poached several years back by our biggest client at the time. I didn’t have any agreements in place with any of our clients or staff back then so I didn’t have a legal leg to stand on.

I knew contracts were important and had them drawn up, but we were so focused on production and deadlines that I never had the contracts signed.

Similar to how your experience has prepared you to give your clients advice or build good products, you need to find a lawyer with experience.

Keep in mind, law, like medicine or any industry for that matter, is specialised. You should consult the right type of lawyer for the issue you’re dealing with, whether it be human resources, a shareholders agreement or a merger.

In addition to contractual issues, it helps having someone you can trust to talk to about business matters and legal issues.

Hire a good lawyer, pay for good contracts and use them.