Client acquisition and sales is a full time job

Client acquisition is a strange thing. We’ve had cases where we’ve identified the lead, quoted, did the work, invoiced and were paid within less than 24 hours and then we’ve had clients we’ve engaged with for years before ever seeing any real work come out of the relationship.

When you are doing work that matters and is core to someone else’s business it can take time to get approval and sign off on budget.

Working with small businesses is very different to working with corporates. In the small business environment, you mostly deal with the business owner directly and every cent you charge them is coming out of their own pocket whereas when working with a corporate you mostly deal with people who don’t have authority to make decisions and who aren’t spending their own money, they’ll be getting their salary at month end so often they don’t work with a sense of urgency.

Social Media is a huge opportunity if you’re actively looking. People are online and complaining all of the time. Figure out how to solve their problems in exchange for some money and you’ll be in business. Just remember the problems don’t come to you, you need to go looking for them. Be a problem solver.