Changing social habits

I used to keep every social network, I have an account with, open in a tab. This way I could quickly flip between social networks and catch up on all of my feeds.

Earlier this year I made a decision to focus on better quality content and try to read a book or two. I haven't managed to finish a book yet but I have read a lot of really good articles.

The first step was not having social sites open all day. I no longer have Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest or Google+ open by default on my workstation. This means I don't glance at them as often as I used to, I scroll less and I am less inclined to comment on something that's probably not that important anyway.

I used to check social networks while waiting in queues, I now read articles in my reading list or try to get through a page or two of a book.

I am less distracted and I have been getting to read some really interesting content on a wide range of topics which I used to do but somehow stopped.

I still get a lot of value out of Twitter. I keep it open all day and check it regularly but I often have it minimised now. I'm always finding great content shared on Twitter and enjoy the engagement model.

Instagram is still one of my favourites. I don't get to take that many interesting photos, so I don't post much, but I enjoy some of the artistic and creative content people publish on the platform.