No time for nonsense

In the past I made time, I literally made it. Whether it was to go to events, meetings, meetups, quick coffees or general get togethers, I made a plan.

The last year or so has shown me that meetings, events and meetups are all pretty much a waste of time and don't actually do much of anything to get you anywhere in life.

I've come to this conclusion in part because I have been really busy and have been unable to attend these events. These events are theoretically aimed at growing your network and ultimately generating business. Now I must be clear, I don't go to events and stand in the corner, I hand out business cards like a boss. The fact of the matter is that even though I have not attended regular networking events in over a year and I have not been actively leaving the office to go and meet people, it has had zero impact on how my business operates. In fact, by not participating in all of these events I have actually had more time to get work done and be productive.

This feeling of getting stuff done and making progress has influenced other parts of my life and ways I engage with people. I've come to appreciate the term time is money in a way I never did before.

I'm in the business of solving problems and building complex solutions. Every minute I spend doing something that is not helping me do that job is a minute wasted.

I don't have time for excuses and I don't have time for gossip.

If you're not doing something useful get out of my way.