Tertiary School in Business Administration

We were invited to a site visit at TSiBA in Karatara.

I wasn't really sure what to expect, but knew it was about education.

There is so much to say about what they're doing, but the way I see it; is they're preparing people for life.

They've set up a campus that has it's own bank trading with TSiBA currency and have multiple businesses operating on campus which are used as part of the on site practical training that learners go through.

Learners are taught everything from basic business admin skills through to how to manage a garden and grow food.

I think it is really great to see such an holistic approach to education.

TSiBA is a private university registered with the Council for Higher Education.

They're currently launching a few really innovative qualifications focused on Small to Medium business and I'm excited to see what happens after the launch. Their pricing for qualifications is also much more competitive than those of your typical university. It Shows they're in it for the education and not for the money.

I was super impressed to see their computer lab is equipped with Ubuntu, preparing learners for an open minded approach to technology, this is really great. I wish more educational facilities would equip learners for working on open platforms.

One thing that didn't appeal to me was the number of dogs on the lose walking around campus. I don't like animals in the work place and don't feel it makes all visitors comfortable. Besides that, awesome place, awesome vision.