First G3ECS coding session complete

We had a great turn out an G3ECS tonight.

Tonight's session was focused on getting everyone up to speed with the basics of the web and HTML.

We're basing our first phase programming sessions on the Code Academy framework. I really like the way they have set up their course material and the way they've turned learning to program into a game. I'd like to spend more time on the site myself, just to level up.

We also discussed the importance of a strong password, especially when it comes to securing your email account.

We had an interesting browser wars debate where I was basically pro FireFox, Safari and Chrome and Rudie was pro Internet Explorer...

On the show and tell front, we saw a do it yourself headset and hands free microphone, made of an old desktop microphone and a standard headset taped together as well as a homemade laser built into an old laptop power supply with parts harvested from an old DVD rom. We even got to see spontaneous combustion.

Next week it's hardware week, Arduino here we come.