Sommerset Mall

We decided to leave town early in an effort to miss after work traffic, but today was not our day.

We ended up spending an hour in traffic just outside Sommerset.
Don't know how people cope with this type of a time suck on a daily basis.

We decided to pop in at the Sommerset Mall as we always drive past it on our way to Cape Town, but don't ever go in.

The first thing you notice is you don't pay for parking, which is great.

We wanted to grab something to eat before hitting the road on the way back to George, but were quite disappointed with the food court and frankly, it was a little lame.

Still on our mission to find a sleeve for Amelia's MacBook Air, we popped in at Dion Wired and at Incredible Connection, but no-one seems to stock what we're looking for, which is quite disappointing. Looks like there might be a market selling Accessories that people actually want to buy.

I grabbed a Coffee and a chocolate croissant at Vida E Caffe. It was really impressive that the Barista was super energetic and eager to serve near the end of the day. In George people simply say they're closed even when it is far from closing time.

Amelia popped in at Limnos Bakery and grabbed a cup cake and a chocolate mousse cake to go, although, if we had more time we probably would have left with a lot more than that, they really make some awesome looking baked goods.

We saw a Caffe Rossini and with nothing else inspiring us we decided to stop there and grab something before we hit the road. We had a Chicken Mayo Tramezzini, Chicken Quesadilla and a side order of fries. There kitchen was open till the end of the day and they didn't make any excuses to avoid serving us when it was almost closing time. The food was good and the service was there. Seems like people in Sommerset have a good work ethic, it's impressive.