Kopi Luwak at Haas

Decided to start the day trying out a different coffee spot, so we headed off to Haas.

I saw they had Kopi Luwak on the menu, so figured it's on my bucket list so I should give it a try and I did. It was served as a double shot espresso along with a jug of warm milk and a jug of warm water. The espresso was quite smooth, but wasn't particularly awesome, but maybe this was the sinuses talking. After giving the neat espresso a taste I added some milk and made my own cappuccino, it was good but not particularly outstanding, maybe this was the sinuses talking here too. I'm glad I can tick it off my list though.

Amelia has an apple juice with red espresso in it and it was pretty refreshing.

I had an omelette with Bacon and Veg and Amelia had their Chick Ciabatta with Salad, the food was very good.

I'll definitely come here again.