iStore and the new iMac

We're on a bit of a mission to find a super thin sleeve for Amelia's MacBook Air, but there are little options in George so we always pop in at an iStore when we get a chance.

I also use the opportunity to see some of the gadgets we don't get to see in person in George.

Got a Chance to see the new iMac and is it thin. Personally I think they didn't need to drop the optical drive on this beast of a machine, but I guess it does save them quite a bit when you look at them not paying for it on every iMac they make, plus I think I have only used my optical drive once or twice since I have had my iMac so I guess it just helps drive people towards digital distribution.

I don't think I am going to be rushing to lay my hands on one of these ultra thin iMacs, but if we expand at the office then I might decide to upgrade my unit, although. I am mainly interested in the Fusion Drive option.

They really do look awesome on a desk.