Table Bay on the Ameera Catamaran

Every time Amelia and I are in Cape Town, we threaten to go out on the water, so this time we decided to actually do it.

We walked around the Waterfront looking at the various tour options and eventually decided to go on the Ameera, as it was leaving soon.

The trip took us out towards Sea Point, with a great view of Table Mountain and the Stadium. We got to see dolphins having a good time and quite a few seals too. The Captain was quite a jolly fellow and took us as close as he could so all of us land lubbers could take photos of the dolphins.

After the boat ride, it was time for something to drink, so we went into the Waterfront, only to discover that there is a Food Court we have not seen before. We decided to have a freshly extracted juice and then a quick pop in at the iStore before heading back to the car and much welcomed Air Conditioning.