Origin to kick the day into gear

If you haven't been to Origin Coffee Roasting in Hudson street, I can highly recommend you treat yourself to some good coffee and a bite to eat.

First thing we noticed, was the new menu with an interesting graphical representation of the difference between all their different espresso based drinks.

Amelia and I really enjoy the origin breakfast, so we each ordered one with scrambled eggs along with, fried mushrooms, avo and I had some bacon too.

While waiting for the breakfast to arrive, we gave their Almond Croissant a try, it's not bad, but not as awesome as the ones you can get from La Patisserie in George.

After breakfast, still feeling in the mood for savoury, we gave the toast with mushrooms and goats cheese a try. It was great except for the toast being exceptionally hard, making it difficult to cut.

With savouries sorted, we decided to have a piece of their carrot cake, which is really good. On the liquid from, I had a Grande Latte, Amelia had an Iced Coffee, ok I had some of it too. I finished off with some of their specially cold brewed coffee as I wasn't quite feeling like more milk with my sinuses acting up.

We got to see a siphon in action and I must say, it's quite an interesting way to make a cup of coffee, think I'll need to try that soon.