G3ECS starts this week.

Rudie and I spent some time today discussing the new year of G3ECS.

It's going to be great fun and lots of learning.

To make things easier and a little bit more predictable we'll be splitting meet ups into three main categories, Electronics, Coding and Free Roam sessions during which you can work on your project and maybe play a little bit of Mine Craft in between. We'll be working according to a semi-fixed curriculum, so that you know what to expect and so that you can work on the projects when you're at home.

We're want to make the weekly meet up session, more practical and hands on and we feel that one of the ways to achieve this is to outline what we'll be working through in advance, so you can go through it in your own time and then focus on discussion sessions and dealing with any particular difficulties you may have during the weekly meet up.

We'll be giving out some more details on Wednesday. Don't forget to invite your friends, this year is going to be awesome. Hope to see you there.