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Pomodoro Save Face

The forgiving and understanding people that we are, Amelia and I decided to give Pomodoro's in Wilderness another shot.

We got some fantastic and friendly service from the moment we walked in the door. The food did not take too long either.

We had Graham beck rail road red and it complemented the combination of Pizza, Pasta and Salad which we had chosen very nicely.

We finished off with some coffee which was also surprisingly enough not bad at all.

We were also very pleased to find that the chairs were clean, a pet hate of ours being restaurants with dirty chairs.

All in all a good experience.

Nathan Jeffery

Nathan Jeffery

Technology strategist, business enthusiast, coffee aficionado and remote worker. I invest in and consult for technology startups on product development and infrastructure. I'm focused on results.

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Pomodoro Save Face
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