Woolworths - good yet disappointing

Woolworths have seriously got some good coffee, but they are an utter disappointment, when it comes to operating hours.

Amelia and I decided to go and get some coffee from Woolworths Cafe at the Garden Route Mall, quite some time before closing, but the Cafe was already "Closed" pretty lame when the rest of Woolworths is still open.

Considering we were unable to tame our desire for a good cup of Woolworths Coffee Goodness, we decided to try and find some of our favourite Tiramisu. After searching the entire refrigerated section for the good stuff we gave up and decided to ask for help. We were disappointed to find out that Woolworths have discontinued the best pre-packaged Tiramisu that we have found thus far.

Such a lot of good and such a lot of disappointment all in one visit. Woolworths, please make us happy and extend your Cafe hours and bring back the Tiramisu.