The Wilderness Experience

Amelia and I decided to go to the market in Wilderness for a change, and what an experience did it turn out to be.

Well, we're not particularly cash people, so we couldn't really buy much, as no-one accepted cards for payment. We did however get to try some of the most interesting Garlic Mayonnaise.

We decided to take a stroll and look for something to eat at a place that would accept plastic.

We ended up walking into Pomodoro's and were seated and given menus. After waiting quite some time not getting any service, we decided to leave. On the way out, we were thanked for coming, and we politely told them that we were leaving because we did not get any service. The manager was all to eager to sort us out and make us happy, but we continued out the door.

We then moved our way up the road and had a look at the Blue Olive, and what a good decision it was. The service was great and the food was good too. You get the feeling from the moment you walk in the door that it is an owner manager establishment. The only thing I would personally like to see is a proper uniform.

If you are going to own a restaurant and want to make it a success, the best way is to be personally involved, but then again, I guess that only works if you're a restaurant person yourself.