A long day in Gauteng

I got an early start to the day and dropped Pieter at the airport. I then decided to park and head into the airport in search of some good coffee, from Woolworths.

After calming my craving, I hit the road off to centurion, for a short meeting with Marius from Balance Your Debt.

I then began my way towards the head office of the Banking Association of South Africa(BASA), where we were to have a meeting with some of the major banks and credit providers in the country. We had quite a productive session and made quite a few decisions, relating to standardisation within the Debt Review sector.

After the meeting with BASA, we decided to have a short Credit Technology Association(CTA) meeting.

Then for the long drive home in some serious traffic. You never truly understand, what is meant by peak traffic until you sit in it yourself.

I honestly believe that Gauteng people have been gifted with a surprisingly large amount of patience, if they didn't have it, I am sure there would be far more reports of road rage. The traffic seriously moves at snails pace and a distance that would take you ten minutes to cover during the middle of the day, easily takes up to an hour to cover in peak traffic.

I hope that the Gautrain has the positive impact that it was intended to have as this could not only reduce traffic and frustration, but also reduce the amount of unnecessary fuel consumption during peak hours.