Early morning at the Dentist

I managed to get an appointment for early this morning to get some work done on my tooth.

The dentist was pretty shocked when he saw what had happened and told me that I might lose the tooth, or need to go through some expensive implants if he could not save it.

He needed to cut some of my gum away to be able to see what was going on lower down and to determine if he would be able to put a crown on. Thankfully, he was able to do a great job and saved the tooth and put on a temporary crown in the interim after doing some core strengthening work to stabilise the foundation of the tooth.

I must admit at one point it was quite nerve wrecking experiencing what I can only describe as having the remains of my tooth broken and scratched out using surgical tools, although I am not totally sure what I was experiencing at the time as I didn't want to ask.

I'll need to go back in a few weeks time, to get the official crown done, but luckily it can all be sorted out while I am in the chair. It is good to know that the medical practitioners whose hands you put your health in are knowledgeable and organised to do the things that need to be done to keep you going.