Trip to Midrand

I haven't been in a plane for quite some time, so the take off had me a little nervous, but before we were even all the way off the ground I was staring out of the window.

What an awesome view, we live in a beautiful country.

The flight from George to Johannesburg was pleasant and when coming in for our landing we caught site of the new soccer stadium, it was already dark and the stadium lights were on. What an awesome sight. I am not particularly excited or enthusiastic about the soccer or sport in general but the view of the stadium from the air definitely gives one the sense of awe.

Herman, Konstant, Eugene and I had supper and Rhapsody in Pretoria, the steak and conversation were great, even though business didn't leave the table for long.

It would be great to travel without needing to deal with business, or at least being able to bring Amelia with me.