Quarter Century

Today I reach a quarter century, damn has it been that long. It's nice to be typing this on my Dell and not my old Acer, it's amazing what a different experience it is working on a new computer. I hope that I can write about my next birthday on a MacBook Pro or at least sitting at a proper desk in a nice comfy chair, but I guess we'll have to wait and see.

The past twenty five years have been full of learning and a lot of work, not always doing stuff I wanted to but nonetheless earning some money and learning about business and dealing with issues and people. This year looks promising and I'm excited about all of the opportunities that lie ahead both personally and for MyEcommerce.

Amelia and I started off the day in a mad rush to get ready for Daniel and Marile's wedding. For some bizarre reason, weddings always seem to invoke a form of natural chaos, even if it's not your own wedding. The day was perfect, not a cloud in the sky, they had their service at the Moederkerk and their reception at one of the halls at Saasveld. The food was cool and they had the most awesome pumpkin dumplings in a caramel sauce and some really great desert too. Amelia and I left the wedding stuffed and jealous.

I hope that by next birthday I'll be driving something with four wheels and hopefully be closer towards achieving my endless list of goals.