DJ Set - 7's After Party at Cactus

I hit the decks from just after 21:00 and dropped my first house track immediately, with no more rugby for the weekend, tonight was all about partying.

There were supporters dancing and drinking in the most elaborate outfits. We even had a guy who fell in love with a chair for the evening.

I kept things drifting between chilled and uplifting, with a spread of local, and international house and underground. I was on the decks till last rounds were called and began striking at about 03:00.

Outdoor sound was provided by AudioWorx.

After getting all the gear together, I decided to take advantage of McDonald's 24 hour drive through and went there to grab myself a McFeast Deluxe... I ended up in the cue for about forty minutes, before getting my food, it was well worth the wait though.