Sony Ericsson W995

Finally decided to upgrade my voice contract. Got my new Sony Ericsson W995 today and have been finding more and more features ever since opening the box.

I did a lot of research before deciding on what phone I was going to take. I had my mind set on an iPhone for a long time but decided on the Sony based on the cost to benefit ratio.

The phone has proven to be far better than what the reviews and resources said it would be and it has really got a bunch of awesome features.

I really like that I have got a GPS now as well as some of the awesome bluetooth features. The phone can take control of my notebook via bluetooth and I can do basically anything one can do with a mouse with my phone and from a much longer distance, watching DVDs in bed will never be the same again.

The phone has got an crystal clear display and comes with a 8GB memory card. The 8.1MP camera's flash also doubles as a flash light which is pretty cool, especially when programming late at night and not wanting to bump things over in the house when in search of a late night snack or some coffee.