Dell Studio 1555

Finally decided to restructure my mobile communication package. I changed my voice contract and reduced the monthly bill substantially. I reallocated my monthly spend to an additional data contract and now hooked myself up with a Dell Studio 15.

I have had my Acer for almost five years, and was so used to the speed, that I actually thought it performed quite fast.

I am so stoked with the boot times and with the over all experience of my Dell so far. I have made contact with the Dell Support Centre and they have been very helpful.

I am also not as frustrated with Vista as I thought I would be. I have registered for the Windows 7 which is being rolled out to all users who recently acquired Vista based machines and I can't wait to see what impact Windows 7 has on performance.

I also appreciate embedded 3G, I have had to slot in and slot out my 3G card for quite some time and the ability to pull out my notebook and simply start working and be able to work without any wire for up to three hours, with my custom configuration is super cool.

Only thing that is bit disappointing is that even though various graphic options are available on the Dell website you cannot up grade graphics as an after market upgrade and RAM is VERY expensive. It will cost about 80% of the cost of a new unit to upgrade my RAM from 4GB to 8GB, so I guess I am going to be stoked with what I have until I custom spec a desktop for myself.

Looking forward to the next three years with my Dell and can't wait to see what option I can upgrade to when my contract expires.