Prison Break

Amelia and I took to Prison Break from the first episode we saw and decided to take it out on DVD.

We were hooked and in a matter of a few months went through the first three seasons.

When we got to the end of season three we found out the season four was not yet available in South Africa, to our extreme disappointment but to the benefit of our work and studies we waited in eager anticipation for season four to hit the shelves of the video stores.

Last week, we where at Scooters Pizza, getting ready to fill up on some of the good stuff when we saw the Prison Break poster in the window of Mr Video and we went straight in and to our excitement, season four was in and the first disc was ready for us to take out.

We finished our Pizza and went home to get into the next season. Within a matter of a week we went through the entire season as well as the bonus disc.

This season, the "last season" introduced us to some exciting new ideas and gadgets. The good and the bad, teamed up for some seriously suspenseful scenes. The pace of this season was really fast and things happened a bit too easy for my liking.

The end of the season is a total disappointment and I couldn't believe it was the end.

I watch the last episode more than once, to make sure I understood it right and then watched the bonus features to see if there was something that we had missed.

The season really did not finish off in the same Prison Break style that we had got accustomed too, and I seriously hope that they can catch a hint from the Prison Break followers and bring us a season 5 even if only to end off with a bit more style.

If anyone is looking to buy us a present, we'd be happy to get a box set with season 1 through 4, we won't be watching them too soon as the ending is still fresh in our minds, but would dig to be able to watch this series from the beginning again.