Google Changing the world

Ever since I opened my Gmail account I have grown to become a Google Fan. I have seen Gmail and other Google services, change and grow demonstrating a unique breed of innovation. I believe that Google is changing the world as we know it and opening up numerous new and exciting ways of using the internet.

Google Voice

I recently got an invitation to Google Voice, I'm sad to say that it is not currently supported in South Africa, but the concept is great and I really hope that it becomes available internationally soon. I think this is going to make telecommunication providers think again about their exorbitant cost levels and hopefully spark some innovation on that front.

Google Wave

I have been one of the lucky few to get access to the Google Wave Sandbox. The day my invitation came, I was so excited. Wave is still a bit slow and as it is still in beta, it is a bit buggy, but it is great. Just as Gmail has changed the face of email I think Wave is going to change the face of collaborative working and social communication.

Currently Wave Sandbox users are only able to interact with other Sandbox users, so we're not really getting the feel of what it is going to be like using it on a daily basis, but get to see just enough to look forward to the public release with eager anticipation.


Since the release of Chome, I have switched to the developer channel and have seen Google roll out some really awesome features and serious speed. Chrome is seriously the best way to interact with any Google Powered product and if you haven't tried it yet then now it is time you do.

Chrome OS

Since the release of the Chrome Browser, I think most of the web community have been waiting for the announcement that Google will be releasing their own OS. I simply cannot wait to get hold of Chrome OS and hope that I can afford a new little netbook to run it on when it is released.

Google is revolutionising the web, the way we use computers and changing the world.