Education System

As much as I hate to say it, education is critical to success. The problem I have however is not with education but with the education system.

As a country we are suffering from fewer and fewer people qualifying with University degrees as costs are increasing and entry criteria is hindering access to even distance learning institutions.

I feel that we need to review our education system as a whole and rewrite it from scratch.

Pre Primary

In the beginning stages of schooling we need to focus on the development of efficient reading and mathematical skills. Classes should be smaller and more intimate. Younger learners need closer attention and more assistance. The curriculum should be based on language skills and mathematics only, other subject matter such as history and geography should be introduced to learners, via reading exercises, comprehension tests and group discussions


As the learner progresses, we need to gradually increase the number of learners in a class and focus more on additional content matter. Introduce computer and typing skills and electronic based learning as well as assessment.


By the time a learner enters Secondary School, the learner should have developed good reading, interpersonal and learning skills. This combined with good computer and research skills will allow classes to be even bigger and the learner will be able to take more responsibility for what they are learning.

From this stage a learner should be preparing to either enter into an academic university programme or a technical programme.


Access to Tertiary Education needs to be opened up. Universities, should be accepting learners even if they did not do the best during their Secondary Schooling.

The Tertiary Education system is currently only catering for people who are already doing well and it is very difficult for someone who did not do well at a schooling level to get in.

Even distance learning institutions restrict access to courses based on school results, even when they are not providing any form of support or interaction with the learner that could possibly justify this rejection.

The learners would still need to pay for their subjects even if they don't pass, so what do the Universities have to lose.

Government should set up incentive schemes to encourage learners to progress and subsidise those who achieve good results. State owned institutions also need to offer far more competitive and accessible rates as they are being subsidised by tax payers money any way.