Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is a doubled edged sword, it is not only the green way but it is the economically sustainable way. I feel that there is a lot that can be done around the topic of Energy Efficiency which is being ignored.


As with most things in life it starts at the top. Our Government is not actively encouraging or should I say enforcing green legislation. In my humble opinion I feel that the government should be doing more to get greener energy systems in place.

Government housing schemes, should all be fitted with Solar or Wind Powered energy units. All new building plans should not be approved unless they are implementing green energy systems as well as Grey Water management systems to harness both energy and usable water from household waste.

All products that would cause damage to our food chain need to be outlawed, this way our food chain and the environment at large are protected.


The Government, who were dumb enough to keep Eskom as a state owned entity, need to reposition Eskom. I feel that our energy market needs to be opened up and Eskom is perfectly positioned to become a national network provider for energy transfer.

The Government should be encouraging private sector investment into energy generation using green technologies. All homes and businesses, should be given the opportunity to participate in the energy harnessing network.

Homes with green energy units, should supply excess energy back to the national grid which can then in turn be used by businesses during the work day. In the evenings when industry closes down, excess energy should be returned to the grid and made available to homes.

Eskom should be placing themselves not as energy generator, but as energy distributor. All users of the network should be able to earn based on a usage in usage out system coordinated by Eskom, so that those who need to draw extra energy from the grid will pay for it and those who provide excess will earn an income and or rebate from this.
Eskom should place itself as an Energy Network and Systems Provider.


Our country is blessed with a large workforce of welders, electricians and numerous other professionals. We need to be focusing on the development of green vehicles and green energy systems locally.

The Government could be saving and creating jobs by setting up incentive scheme for industries which have got the skills but are currently focusing on slow moving expensive product lines, such as petrol driven vehicles or conventional geysers.

With the right governance and correct application of funding, we could be positioned to provide Southern Africa with energy efficient vehicles as well as green energy.