Roosters don't have large chips

After Leaving Steers unsatisfied, Amelia and I decided to go and give Roosters a try, as Dereck told me that they have got a cool, burger deal as well.

We ordered one special and a large chips. The attendant then informed us that they didn't have any large chips.

Seriously confused, I asked the attendant if they use different chips when you order a large, and the attendant said no.

I then asked if they had chips in stock, and was told that they had chips, but were unable to sell me a large chips as they did not have the correct bag for me.

Still not understanding their logic I asked if they could just put a large portion into a box or any other packaging just so that we could order.

We were told that they would not be able to help us.

In total shock, we ordered a medium chips and went to sit down.

The food didn't take long, the chicken was quite good but the rolls must have been from the week before, maybe that is why they had the burgers on special.

The difference in price between a large and a medium was quite abit and if they are sending away every customer asking for a large with a medium, they must be losing out on some serious revenue.

I cannot believe that a restaurant will show away business when they have got the capacity to deliver, it will certainly never happen in any of my establishments.

The staff were friendly and polite, the food was not fantastic, their system and approach to business is very bad. I don't think that we'll be going back any time soon.