DJ Set - Customer Awards Evening at Coyote Cactus

Richard, owner of Coyote Cactus Cafe, decided to host the first Annual Customer Awards Evening, to say thanks to regulars and recognise unique individuals all while having a bit of fun.

I hit the decks just before 21:00 and got into some good old school rock.

The Cactus Team decided to take the mickey out of Richard and ripped him off about his shoes. They gave him the first prize for the evening, a tiny pair of shoes tied together for him to hang around his neck for the night, everyone had a good chuckle.

I picked up the pace with some chilled house until the first official prize giving. Prizes were awarded for, Worst Dancer, Worst Singer, Person who spends the biggest percentage of their salary at Cactus, the person who drinks the Worst Shooters and a variety of other equally funny titles. Each of the prize givings spread out through the evening were filled with wholesome laughter, we even had the odd performance by "The Worst Dancer" which was well worth seeing.

Amelia, Parveen and Ziyaad decided to drop in and give me a much appreciated surprise visit.

I also got to see William, a mate I used to work with at the Spur, as well as Quintus and Andre who I used to work with at Rossini, all of whom I haven't seen in ages.

I slowed things down with some rock and picked it up again at about 01:30 with some of the latest house tracks, with the last of the guests leaving at 03:00.

Thanks to Richard for being an awesome host, a good sport and for organising the event.

Audio and Lighting Equipment by Ryan and Luca at AudioWorx. Placement by Uranium Studio.