Steers staff are asleep

Amelia and I decided, as we so often do, that we wanted to eat something after work.

For a change we chose to try out Steers for their Wacky Wednesday promotion...

The burgers are not particularly small and don't taste crap, but they're definitely not served hot, which is quite a disappointment. By the time you get to the last bite the burger is damn cold and it's not as if I eat slowly.

When we got up to leave a guy walked in and took our seat, before we had even officially left the table. Okay, guess that's not so strange, and typical to a place that doesn't cue their guests or seat them, but what happened next was a bit unsettling.

As Amelia and I get to the Scooter, where we had parked in front of Steers, the guy picks up our serviettes and looked underneath them. The thought of someone looking at our plates where we just had food, obviously looking for something to eat is heart wrenching, but what happens next is simply gross. The guy takes the lid off one of the bottles of Steer sauce still on the table and takes a swig, not one but a few, out of more than one bottle.

It's sad to see that someone is hungry and needs to resort to that, but from a business and health perspective Steers should be looking out for it's brand and it's customers and simply paying attention to their front door.

Unsettled, I walk back into Steers and alert them to the situation, and the man was asked to leave.

Needless to say, Amelia and I didn't feel as well as we did when we arrived.