Leigh and Velizar's Bachelor and Bachelorette's

With the wedding drawing closer, Leigh and Velizar had their Bachelor and Bachelorette parties tonight...

The Girls all went to Far Hills Hotel, for a night of nails and dressing up, while the guys had a get together at the Prezens' house with lots of beer.

I dropped Amelia off at Far Hills Hotel at about 16:00. I had work to do so, I stayed at the office till about 19:00 then carried on with some work at home.

The two parties met up at Cactus and I joined up soon after.

Amelia and I decided to have the legendary Cactus Pizza we always have there with; chicken, avo, garlic and feta.

Leigh-Ann was so funny, she was dressed up with a shirt saying bride, a white fluffy boa and a tiara. She must have had a lot to drink cause she had this glazed look in her eyes and was being so funny. She stole a few pieces of avo off our pizza, it was totally hilarious.

I am sure that they are all going to have funny stories to tell us at the wedding, not to mention some serious hangovers tomorrow.