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4 Years with Amelia

Today Amelia and I have been together for 4 years. Damn, time flies when your having fun...

It's like just the other day we were getting into trouble for talking too much, while working together at Caffe Rossini.

Well, with me experiencing late payments from a few of my clients and Amelia studying, we didn't have any plans to leave town.

It just so happens that Leigh-Ann is getting married on Saturday so she came down early to finish off some of the arrangements.

We got an invite to visit Leigh-Ann, so we went over for a bit. I got to catch up with Ewan, Leigh-Ann's brother, who I was in scouts with years ago and has been living in Sweden.

We got to hear all the wedding prep stories and found out that you can get really awesome dresses custom made and imported from China for really good prices.

After some yummy chocolate from Leigh-Ann's mom and watching Las Vegas we hit the road.

I really look forward to being out of George this time next year.

Nathan Jeffery

Nathan Jeffery

Technology strategist, business enthusiast, coffee aficionado and remote worker. I invest in and consult for technology startups on product development and infrastructure. I'm focused on results.

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4 Years with Amelia
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