A case against Unbundling

The news broke that Foursquare is splitting off part of their functionality to build a new app, called Swarm, and it got me thinking about this unbundling situation. I'm disappointed »

Simple Backup Plan

The beginning of the year is a perfect time to implement a new disaster recovery plan. All businesses rely on computers in some way or another these days, so it's »

2013: Year in Review

2013 was quite a year. It was both difficult and exciting. On a business level, MyEcommerce achieved some amazing results, our team has grown and we've launched some great projects »

My take on investing

I was 17, when I first took an interest in the financial and investment markets. I was invited to buy shares in a company called Beget Holdings, who were pioneering »

I'm talking at Net Prophet 2013

Just got an exciting mail from the Richard Mullhand at Missing Link, that I'll be doing a power talk at Net Prophet 2013. Now I need to take that massive »

Two months without Android

When we opened up the office for the new year, Nicholas told me he had dropped his HTC Sensation in the Ocean, on a family trip to the Beach, over »

Trying something new for Hardware Night

Rudie and I were talking and decided we should do something differently at G3ECS to try and get everyone engaged and ensure we're catering for the different levels of skill »

Cloud Connect Hot Spot at Caloroso

Got a message from Justin last night that there's a new Cloud Connect Hot Spot to try out and it just so happens to be at one of my favourite »

Networking Evening at Lynn Schroeder BMW

This months Business Chamber, Networking Evening was hosted by Lynn Schroeder BMW. The Event was well attended, it's as if everyone knew how good the food was going to be »

Software Night at G3ECS

We had a full house tonight and started off with a quick refresh of the basics of HTML as well as how the Web Works. Rudie, was great at explaining »