Dear Twitter - an open letter

Dear Team Twitter, You have served me well over the past few years; helped me find many tabs worth of great content, facilitated interesting conversations, provided a medium to broadcast »

I am an edge case

After much anger, frustration, rage and ranting I had the opportunity to engage with Sam Brown, Foursquare's lead UI designer and front-end developer. He was receptive and open to critical »

A case against Unbundling

The news broke that Foursquare is splitting off part of their functionality to build a new app, called Swarm, and it got me thinking about this unbundling situation. I'm disappointed »

Simple Backup Plan

The beginning of the year is a perfect time to implement a new disaster recovery plan. All businesses rely on computers in some way or another these days, so it's »

2013: Year in Review

2013 was quite a year. It was both difficult and exciting. On a business level, MyEcommerce achieved some amazing results, our team has grown and we've launched some great projects »

My take on investing

I was 17, when I first took an interest in the financial and investment markets. I was invited to buy shares in a company called Beget Holdings, who were pioneering »

I'm talking at Net Prophet 2013

Just got an exciting mail from the Richard Mullhand at Missing Link, that I'll be doing a power talk at Net Prophet 2013. Now I need to take that massive »

Two months without Android

When we opened up the office for the new year, Nicholas told me he had dropped his HTC Sensation in the Ocean, on a family trip to the Beach, over »

Trying something new for Hardware Night

Rudie and I were talking and decided we should do something differently at G3ECS to try and get everyone engaged and ensure we're catering for the different levels of skill »

Cloud Connect Hot Spot at Caloroso

Got a message from Justin last night that there's a new Cloud Connect Hot Spot to try out and it just so happens to be at one of my favourite »